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Leisure Time Spa Chemicals


Leisure Time Spa Water Analysis Program | Replacement Filter Cartridges

Mineral Purifier - $23.99
Enjoy softer, cleaner spa water naturally with the Spa Mineral Purifier. Each unit contains natural mineral known to control bacteria and prevent algae. Can be used with all sanitizing systems including bromine, chlorine, or ozone, and non-chlorine shock. Simply insert the purifier cartridge into your spa filter. When used with a minimal sanitizer, the Spa Mineral Purifier will allow you to enjoy naturally clear water for up to four months! Used with Nature 2 Test Strips
Guaranteed Lowest Price!

SunPurity Mineral Spa Purifier - Buy 4 purifiers and pay only $22.99 each
The SunPurity Purifier is a natural effective alternative to Chlorine. It uses organic minerals to keep water incredibly clear and soft. Sundance Spas Only. Used with Nature 2 Test Strips

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