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SkimPro Skimmer Basket

You know the problem:
Your skimmer basket overfills and suction locks it into the skimmer. Now you have you deal with the hassle of shutting off the pump and digging through who-knows-what to remove the basket.


The SkimPro Solution:
The SkimPro basket is designed with a unique tower-vent that provides water through the skimmer and to the pump even when leaves and debris fill the entire basket area. The finger grip at the top allows you to empty the basket without reaching your hand into the messy basket.

Protects your pump from running dry and overheating due to a clogged skimmer basket.

Eliminates reaching your hand into that messy basket.

Allows for easy removal of basket even when it is chock full of leaves.


The basket is made from high-density Polyethylene... the same material chemical containers and vats are made from.

Will stand up to chemicals, sun, heat, cold much better than traditional baskets.

The tower vent of the SkimPro basket is easily removed to allow vacuuming through the skimmer basket.


Model SP HP:
Fits Hayward 1070, Pacfab, Jacuzzi, Deckmate, American
(w/flap weir) and Sta-Rite.

Top Diameter:8-1/2"
Bottom Diameter: 5-1/2"
Height: 6-1/4"



Model SP HP1080:

Fits Hayward 1080

Top Diameter: 8"
Bottom Diameter: 5-1/2"
Height: 6-1/2"



Hayward Skimmer Basket
for Inground Skimmers


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