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Cleaning Supplies

Polaris Spa Wand - $52.99 ~ Best Buy

**MSRP - $82.95**

Clean your spa, pool steps, swimouts, and other small bodies of water without hoses or hookups.
The Polaris SpaWand operate by drawing in debris and water as you pull the handle. When you push the handle in, the water flows out and the dirt, silt and debris are trapped inside the filter.

Spa Vac - $49.99

The Paradise Spa Vac is the simplest, most effective tool for cleaning your spa or shallow pool. A steady pull on the handle will suck excess dirt and grime off the bottom. Easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Zorbie II - $11.99

Zorbie extends water-life and helps maintain pH levels in pools and spas. Zorbie absorbs bacterial-laden dead skin, hair and make up oils, reducing or removing bacterial-breeding foam. It absorbs 97% of its mass in any oil. More Details

Bugmitt - $7.99

Featuring a lightly abrasive open-handed surface permanently bonded to a durable, waterproof latex glove. Bugmitt provides the user with the largest scrubbing surface possible to remove even the toughest scum, slime and grime deposits. Bugmitt is ideal for use on fiberglass, acrylic, vinyl and tile.

Dirty Duck Water Cleaner- $6.17
Prevents scum line formation and reduces filter clogging by removing oils and lotions in the water. Absorbs 40 times its weight in oils, lotions and cosmetics.

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